Travel Guide

Really, what isn’t there to do in Pucón? From rafting through the Andes to visiting the downtown casino, Pucón seemingly has it all.

Places to visit within the town limits:

La Avenida Bernardo O’Higgins – As the main street of Pucón, O’Higgins is home to a host of restaurants, shops, and adventure tourism agencies. Our experienced staff here at Ruka Pucón Hostel can help you sort through adventure tourism agencies and make reservations, but that doesn’t mean that you should skip this bustling shopping district. Grab a bite for lunch at one of the cafes and take the time to tour the local craft shops.

Avenida O'Higgins

El Monasterio Santa Clara – We definitely recommend this short hike as a geographic introduction to Pucón. With the Villarrica Volano as a backdrop and the entire town of Pucón nestled into the lake valley below, the views from the Monastery are fantastic.

View from the Patio

La Playa Grande – Come to enjoy the sun, people watch, and maybe even go for a swim. On the beach you will find kayaks and paddle boats to rent during the summer months and just beyond at the sand’s edge you can picnic in the shade in one of Pucón’s beautifully maintained local parks

Black Sand Beach

El Parque Municipal – If you are looking for a quick nature escape, but don’t have the time take the bus out to Parque Huerquehue, this local park is a great place. Situated on the outskirts of Pucon, the park is less than a 30 minute walk from Ruka Pucon Hostel.  Explore the trail system, join a pick-up soccer game (there are soccer fields, baseball diamonds, tennis courts, and even basketball courts), have a picnic in the barbeque areas, or even just people watch. Parque Municipal is the Chilean family outdoor gathering place during the warmer months.

View from the Park Trails

The Local Fruit Markets – Like most Chilean towns, Pucón is full of street-side fruit and vegetable markets. Take the time to stack up on the abundant and delicious Chilean produce — It’s the perfect pit stop before a picnic! Luckily for Ruka Pucon Hostel, we have one market on our corner and another 2 or 3 along the walk into town.

Nearby Produce Market

The Artesan Crafts Markets – Native Mapuche community crafts can be found in the downtown plaza or at the alley markets off of Avenida Miguel Ansorena.  Crafts range from hand-made wooden bowls and trinkets to home-spun woolen scarves and ponchos.

Craft Markets in the Plaza



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