What to Pack for Pucón Summers

Average temperatures in Pucón during the summertime (December-March) range from 9° – 25° C.  You can expect rain every few weeks, but for the most part, summertime here is a very sunny season.  Be sure to take note that with a relatively dry summer climate, nights and early mornings here in Pucón are definitely cooler in temperature.

All that said, be sure to check off the following items before heading our way for a summer excursion:

  • water-proof jacket/rain gear (you won’t necessarily need an umbrella, but you’ll want to stay dry)
  • jeans/durable long pants (for national park trekking and hiking the volcano)
  • thick long socks (for the volcano trip)
  • sweater or long-sleeved pullover
  • swim suit (for rafting, canyoning, kayaking, and going to the beach)
  • hiking boots or trekking shoes
  • beach towel (for picnics, beach excursions, and drying off after water activities)
  • large water bottles (Pucon tap water is mountain fresh, so be green and refill!)
  • sun glasses
  • sunscreen

Have more specific questions about packing? Feel free to contact us via email (info@rukapuconhostel.com) or phone (+56 – 45 – 441437).


Your Resident Internationals

Max and Natalie