El Asado Chileno

For homecomings, birthdays, holidays…or any other excuse to enjoy good weather, family, and long weekends, Chileans celebrate with a barbecue. The two most popular ways to prepare the barbecue in Chile areel asado al disco (bbq on a disk) and el asado al palo (bbq on a stick). The Pinaud family here at Ruka Pucon Hostel prefers to prepare the al disco version once a week with our guests to celebrate the summer season. Here’s the Pinaud recipe for a fun night with friends, family and food.

How to make a Chilean Asado al disco:

Step 1. Invite friends and family

Step 2. Buy food and drinks

Grocery list:

Meat: Chicken wings (ala de pollo), pork (cerdo), beef (vacuno), sausage (chorizo)

Vegetables: Zucchini (zapallo italiano), tomatoes (tomates), mushrooms (champiñones), onions (cebollas), bell pepper (morrones)

Fresh bread (pan)

Drinks: Beer (cerveza), red wine (vino tinto) and whatever you would like to drink

Step 3.  Prepare the food

Chop the meat into bite sized portions

Slice the vegetables

Step 4. Start a fire in your barbecue

Step 5. Grill the meat on the disk

Step 6. Put the finished meat in a pot to keep it warm

Step 7. Grill the vegetables on the disc and season them with salt, soy sauce and a bit of red wine

Step 8. When finished mix the meat with the vegetables on the disk (be sure to keep all the sauce!)

Step 9. Call your family and friends to the table ….and buen provecho!

Come and visit us to try the real thing!


Your Resident Internationals

Max and Natalie


Happy New Year

¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

We hope everyone had a great new years celebration. The video above gives you a little taste of what we had here in Pucon.

We started the evening of with a traditional Chilean asado and partied the night away in South American style until the sun came up.


Your Resident Internationals

Max and Natalie

Happy Holidays

¡Felices Fiestas! Hopefully your holiday season has been as joyous as ours here in Pucón! Max and I have been lucky enough to celebrate the season with the Pinaud family in true Chilean fashion with food, drink, family, friends, and fantastic summer weather.

Following Chilean tradition, our celebrations began with a late dinner on Christmas Eve. We were lucky to have Mona join us for the holidays and make her special pechuga “chicken” wrap recipe.  Drinks for the night were truly Chilean: Cola de Mono, vino tinto (red wine),  and Chilean Sangria.  We finished the night off with Tres Leches ice cream with raspberry compote and Max’s Mandelschnitten — talk about a feast!  At midnight we shared a “Feliz Navidad” toast and exchanged gifts. Afterward, family and friends from the neighborhood stopped by for gift and story swapping.

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The next day we celebrated Christmas with a large barbeque-style lunch on the patio. We were served delicious oven baked lamb, potatoes, sautéed vegetables, salad, copious amounts of vino tinto, and lucuma ice cream for dessert.

All in all, the Christmas celebrations were a wonderful cultural experience for Max and I. I’m sure that we’ll never forget the year we spent Christmas Eve day lying on the beach sans mittens — such a beautiful contrast to our snow-filled northern Christmas memories.

This weekend we are looking forward to more barbeques and beach-side fiestas as we ring in the New Year on Lago Villarica. Updates to come!

Saludos from your Resident Internationals at Ruka Pucon Hostel,

Max and Natalie